The certificate we presented to our hosts and friends


Cover of the certificate


Inside – signed by all participants

Concerning the dwarves in Wroclaw

In the early 1980s Waldemar Fydrych started an undergound student’s protest movement. Initially the painted ridiculous graffitti of dwarfs on paint spots covering up anti-government slogans. They demonstrated masqueraded as dwarfs. It was supposedly Fydrich who noted:

“Can you treat a police officer seriously, when he is asking you: ‘Why did you participate in an illegal meeting of dwarfs?’”



The first statue of a dwarf dedicated to the memory of the movement was placed on Świdnicka/Schweidnitzer street.

Amazing encounters in the hotel

The hotel management policy in general and the room allocation policy in particular remained mysterious and unfathomable to us. One couple was allocated a single room. The receptionist asked for the guest’s last name. Unfazed by the objection that the last name would in our case not suffice to positively identify the guest, she valiantly suggested several first names of Laque(u)r s on her list – none of which seemed to be matching. The room allocation policy opened unexpected opportunities to instigate international understanding. At 11 pm a surprised member of our group faced another guest who was given the key to the same room and had opened the door unsuspectingly. However the occasion could not develop its full potential since one involved party felt not quite sufficiently dressed and up to the challenge.


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