Commerorative plaque in Namysłow

On Thursday, June 9, a commemorative plaque on the building of the former Namslau synagogue was solemnly unveiled. The ceremony was attended by Wrocław’s newly installed rabbi David Besok, by Aleksander Gleichgewicht, chairman of the Jewish congregation, and by starosta Andrzej Michta, the chief administrator of the county of Namysłow.
Together with approx 100 people they followed the invitation of Tomasz Soja, history teacher at the local agricultural  highschool and initiator of the commemorative plaque. The date marks the 160th anniversary of the construction of the synagogue.



2 thoughts on “Commerorative plaque in Namysłow

  1. Ann Laquer Estin says:

    How lovely to see this after our visit last year, Andreas!
    I’m also grateful on behalf of my great-great grandparents, Heinrich and Erna Laquer, who were members of this community long ago.

    • I completely agree with you, Ann. Tomek and Andrzej have achieved wonderful things in Namysłow. I met Andrzej in his new function as the starosta, when he attended the award ceremony. As he said on this occasion, the competition and all the involvement in the Jewish history and legacy has two fathers in Namysłow, Andrzej and Tomek.

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