The Competition

For the third time since 2013 Tomasz Soja, history teacher of the regional agricultural highschool, invited pupils to a competition on their knowledge of Jewish history and culture.


For the first time the competition was open for pupils in the three states (voivodeships) of Lower Silesia, Opole and Silesia. 17 pupils from 7 schools signed up for the competition.


They had to answer 50 questions in writing and another 3 questions in the oral part.


The participants impressed the jury with their profound knowledge.Iwona Helwin, Namysłow (left) and Julia Ozga, Oleśnica (right) tied on first place, both achieving the maximum number of points.


Participants of last year’s LQR reunion sponsored the prices for the winners, a stereo set, a tablet computer and a rucksack packed with a headset and other computer equipment. The fourth and fifth received a rucksack each.


On behalf of the LQR family I greeted the participants in Polish:

Dear participants of the competition,
we, descendants of Rabbi David Lazarus Laqueur, consider all of you to be winners today. All of you take a great interest in Silesia’s Jewish culture and history. By doing that you contribute to mutual understanding and tolerance in your society. Knowing the other diminishes fear and prejudices. Knowing the other developes open-mindedness and respect. Open-mindedness towards minorities based on understanding, tolerance and respect for the diversity is one key to a peaceful society.
We, members of the Laque(u)r family in the US, UK, Israel and Germany congratulate you. We hope that you will proceed on your way to mutual understanding and tolerance. On that way we wish you good luck and all the best.




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